Bach trumpet serial number dating chart

by eric and candice swanson I ve also received an explanation about serial numbers and manufacture dates from trombone: h dallas - london: p donatz: trombone: h dallas - london: k japp.From lars kirmser s music trader site numbers for bach, benge, besson, blessing, boston, brua c keefer, calicchio, king, conn, getzen, holton, martin, mirafone, olds, reynolds.If they can, they will reply with an email stating the manufacture date or at least the supply to retailer date.

Vincent bach trombone bells bell numbers serial number "13" low teens model, prior to model courtesy of matt.It seems that, by Yamahas own admission, their records from prior to 1982 are very limited....As close as we can guess there were around 3,000 of these sold in the United States (our records were a bit sketchy in the very early 80′s) both in the lacquer and silver finishes.By combining production years, serial number ranges, used sales dates as well as CONFIRMED new sales or production dates (assertained throughed Yamaha) it should be possible to extrapolate an approximate manufacture date.

The strength of this information is only as strong as the data included in the lists.

Page includes trombone news, musician contact info, orchestra section histories, audition lists and frequency charts, books about trombone ( parison chart), serial numbers.


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