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Get ready for a simple, spicy, Diva-style version of the classic slumber party game that’s perfect for couples who want to try a few new things!

Now, you could totally play this game with nothing more than you, your spouse and a touch of creativity but sometimes it’s hard to get those creative juices flowing when you’re also trying to have an intimate evening, so we thought we’d take some of the ‘work’ out of the idea for you.

Everything you’ll need to start your own intimate game of Never Have We Ever can be printed out on just a few sheets of cardstock, to create a spicy deck of playing cards.

The set of cards that Courtney from Paperelli created is not your average deck, it’s bright, colorful and enhanced with oh-so-sexy lacy details that help set the perfect, intimate mood.

Each card has a sentence that starts with the phrase “Never Have We Ever…” and ends with a suggestive bedroom idea. If you’re looking to spice things up even more, check out Jimmy Jane.


Once all your fingers are down, you’ve lost, so if you’re super adventures and a huge risk-taker, it’s not a game you’re going to win but it’s still fun to play.I love that the rules cards are the same size as the rest of the deck, so everything fits together perfectly.


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