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One of the area’s most prominent dating apps, Ok Cupid, asked the dating community the places they frequent the most for dates – and other romantic activities – and where you can expect to witness a healthy share of awkward first-Internet-date conversations.

Some striking takeaways from the data: Philadelphians will not resist working cheesesteaks into a romantic evening.

), check out our spring activity must-dos and weekend guides!

Shed those winter layers and thaw out to the core at one of New York City’s many bathhouses. Stretch, bend, and soar into partner poses during a session (or a week of sessions) of Acro Yoga at the Om Factory.


There are plenty of great places in the West Village, Meatpacking, and Chelsea, but the Upper West Side certainly has hidden gems just waiting to be the stage for your next dating story.

Exhibits range from sex in the animal kingdom to nearly 20,000 artifacts (vintage condoms, erotic sculptures) and will, at the very least, strike up some interesting conversation.

Improve your baking skills (and subtly celebrate the achievement of making it a month) by taking one of Milk Bar's Bake the Book classes.

Take your pick from a plethora of possible spots and settle in around sunset for golden hour amber hues.

Sure, you’ll pay a little more for a cocktail than you would on land, but the ‘grams will surely make your ex jealous.

Dalessandro's Steaks was named the best "Dime Saver Destination" for Ok Cupid dates, so if you’re ever worried about being a cheap date, keep that in mind.


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