Economist podcast not updating


I do hope some-one’s taking tea and sannies down to the poor souls consigned to the dusty vaults and basements who, in all probability are this very minute frantically scouring legal tomes for any possibility of a “work a round”.

What will be of real interest though, beyond all waffle and wank, is whether NZ Labour withdraws New Zealand from the TPP if and when the magician, the rabbit and the hat can’t be found.

The economic podcast, Your Money Matters, is presented by the Wall Street Journal and delves into economic issues ranging from personal finance to global financial markets.

If you want to keep up with today’s economic issues and understand current market trends, this listener-friendly podcast is for you.

Hosted by BBC Radio, this podcast uses statistics to provide its wide-ranging audience a glimpse of economic issues in relation to society.

Updated weekly, the podcast notes the real-time effect of current financial markets on society and highlights potential consequences of ongoing trends.

Note: The podcasts are not ranked in any order simply because the publicly available data about these blogs like social media presence or search ranking are vanity metrics and don’t reflect the hard work the author puts into her/his podcast.

However, the main criteria are quality and consistency of podcasts created.




But yes, my understanding is that there is the possibility want to sign up to TPP 11.

Bloomberg Benchmark is a detail-oriented podcast for the economics enthusiast.


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