Frum dating questions

Those single people whom your parents know or heard about have their own history that is unique to them.

And what makes the crisis seem worse is what happens when there is any type of crisis—people panic and oftentimes act impulsively to save themselves and their families.

Response There definitely is a shidduch crisis out there like never before.

I will tell you something else that might scare you even more.

What typically ends up happening is that the man who is being triggered goes running for his life to get away from such a woman.

However, I see some things about him that worry me; for example, he has no patience. But I’m worried that it’s there and he’s just holding it in a little better than the other guys I dated. In the car, he gets really impatient when someone cuts him off or drives too slowly in front of him. Someone once told me to make him really angry in order to see what his worst side is.

Or they might tell you that they saw abusive behavior but ignored it.

A person prone to anger will not need much incitement to show his true colors, but to purposely set him up to get angry is not the way to go.

They also think that I am looking for excuses not to get married.


I am so mixed up right now that I don’t know what to do.

The crisis appears to be getting worse in almost every hashkafic circle.


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