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This is a good development since telecommunication companies no longer have the control of the content of messages a subscribers may receive, except for the privacy issue, which is no longer a part of the thesis.Text clans also serve as a substitute for diary since members can send messages to everyone about how they feel, what they are currently doing, what happened to them or anything they can post as long as it is within the rules and regulations of the clan, as long as the member does not use any derogatory word or statements do not conflict with other members. Observations Majority of the users contains pictures of them being half naked, some wearing only their underwear, and some taking the pose of what they consider as artistic nude.Members ask for their Friendster accounts (normally), although others may ask for Facebook account or any social networking site containing the member‘s picture for them to view and to find out if the person is attractive.

The only regulation being done is from the officers implementing the rule on the foundation that it will be for every member‘s common good. The manner of interview can also be pointed as it was conducted in an informal way. Most of the users with a gym-fit body usually has a clause on their profile “no chubs and effemes please”.Further studies may focus on bigger sampling and methods to conduct this study. Carlo, 24 years old, when asked about this trend, said that he only sends messages to someone having a not so developed body to avoid rejection. w=460" src=" w=460&h=368" alt="page of a friendster member" title="friendster profile" width="460" height="368" class="size-full wp-image-30" srcset="


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