Who is dating pharrell williams

Girl (stylized as G I R L) is the second studio album by American singer and record producer Pharrell Williams.

" 'On the one break that I might have to hang out with Gavin, to hang out with you for 10 days and write songs again? Gwen is like the girl in high school who had her own style.Follow-up singles "Marilyn Monroe", "Come Get It Bae" and "Gust of Wind" have achieved moderate success.At the 57th Grammy Awards, the album was nominated for Album of the Year and won Best Urban Contemporary Album.Sorry, Gavin, but that's just how much Gwen's solo career is taking off right now. The only problem was that he convinced her during the only free time she would have to spend chilling with her husband before she needed to start preparing to launch her first New York fashion show and first solo tour this fall.


Stefani originally planned to use her Love, Angel, Music, Baby leftovers as an EP or as extra tracks on a holiday DVD release, but Pharrell, who'd worked with her on "Hollaback Girl," convinced her that she could make a L. He invited her to come to Miami, and she was floored.Girl received generally positive reviews from critics.



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